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Getting charged with a criminal offence is usually the beginning of a long, stressful process of trying to minimize its impact on your life. Given the multiple ways a criminal allegation can damage your life and that of your family, it’s crucial to seek experienced legal advice.

At Bytensky Shikhman, we provide skilled legal services to help you fight your allegations and protect your rights from the start to the end of your criminal case. We guide you through the process and strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

50+ Years of Experience

Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer is no easy task as they play a significant role in your entire case. There are many factors to consider, including what’s at stake, i.e., your freedom and future. At Bytensky Shikhman, we understand what it means to face allegations and the importance of exceptional legal services.

Our criminal defence attorneys bring more than 50 years of criminal law practice. The years of experience come with a proven track record of successfully representing persons facing criminal charges all over Ontario, including Georgetown. Our lawyers are well-versed in criminal law and specialize in various criminal offences, including fraud, theft, sexual assault, domestic violence, drug charges, and more.

Our lawyers work with a team of paralegals, articling students and other legal professionals in every criminal case. Combining diverse skills and criminal law knowledge ensures that we meticulously review every case element and build a strong strategy to fight your charges.

The Bytensky Shikhman criminal defence team puts its clients first. With us, you’ll have a team that protects and fights for you to the end of your case. Get in touch with our Georgetown criminal lawyers to schedule your initial consultation.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

When facing criminal charges, one often wonders if there is any need to retain a lawyer. This is particularly so when one is innocent and assumes they can’t be prosecuted, or the charge seems minor for any consequences. The sad news is that most persons who fail to retain a criminal defence attorney end up with a conviction and severe penalties.

Although it’s not mandatory to have a lawyer, having one is crucial to the outcome of your case. A criminal defence attorney understands the criminal justice system and the law, and they can utilize this knowledge to protect your rights and fight the allegations against you. Our criminal lawyers, for example, have handled many cases in every category of criminal offences and represented clients in all levels of courts in Ontario for decades. Such extensive experience and knowledge is vital when facing simple or complex allegations, as it provides a viable way to defend yourself.

The law is complicated, and so is the Ontario Court System. Therefore, dealing with your criminal charges without proper legal guidance is not advisable as it can cost you more in the long run. Our Georgetown criminal defence lawyers are here to protect and vigorously defend you in court.





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Affordable and Efficient Legal Services

Worried about legal fees? At Bytensky Shikhman, we understand that times are tough, and nobody plans to get arrested for a crime. As such, we believe that every person facing a criminal charge should be able to retain reliable legal services without worrying about increasing legal fees and hidden costs.

Our firm offers legal services on a flat-fee basis, making it possible for our clients to enlist our services without worrying about growing legal fees. We also provide flexible payment plans customized to each client’s needs and budget.

Contact our criminal law firm today for affordable and effective legal representation in Georgetown.

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When facing criminal charges in Georgetown, it’s important to retain a criminal defence lawyer that puts you first. At Bytensky Shikhman, we are dedicated to our client’s best interests. We help you navigate every legal issue involved and fight to achieve the best results possible in your case.

If you or someone you know are facing criminal charges, get in touch with Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Defence Attorneys. With us, you’ll receive uncompromising and-client focused legal services.

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